President's Message

Rising to the Challenge

Welcome to the Official Website of the Philippine Plastics Industry Association, Inc. (PPIA)!

PPIA has been serving and representing the local Plastic Product manufacturers for 52-years, manufacturers of various plastic products such as food and non-food packaging, automotive parts, electronic plastic parts and other products. It has also been the voice of the local plastic manufacturers through numerous challenges in the past decade.

PPIA has evolved from being a local industry association, to having numerous networks across the Asia-Pacific region, including membership in the ASEAN Federation of Plastic Industries (AFPI), Asia Plastic Forum (APF), and Global Plastic Alliance among others.

Tariff distortion. Local plastic manufacturers have been faced with tariff distortions, wherein finished plastic products have been imported at zero-duty, causing locally produced plastic products to be more expensive. It is important that government levels the playing field to give more opportunities to local manufacturers and workers.

Labor. Based on the Statistics of Manufacturing Establishments by Industry Group: Annual Survey of Philippine Business and Industry released in 2020, the plastic converter industry employs more than 70,000 workers across the country and contributes around P149 billion in national revenue. Labor force is the heart of local plastic manufacturing. PPIA believes in an efficient and productive labor force, and has been working closely with DOLE, ECOP and other groups to further develop and enhance the capability of the workforce of the plastic industry.

DOST. PPIA is working with DOST in the development of new plastic technologies to make our products more durable, promoting multiple usage and setting the Philippine National Standards.

Environmental. We believe that plastic is still the best environmentally friendly packaging material. It is lightweight, durable, cheap and can be reused several times. Plastic is not the problem. Banning is not the solution. Implementing a systematic waste management system is the solution. PPIA is with everyone in creating a sustainable solution for a healthy environment.

Education. Education is essential in order to teach children and adults proper ways of waste disposal. This will complement a correct and effective waste management system. 

With the return to normal, PPIA invites everyone to join us once again in our activities, trade shows and training programs that will showcase new technologies in plastic manufacturing. May we Let us all work together to make the plastic industry more robust.

Aaron Lao

Philippine Plastics Industry Association